Twilight Watch at the Meadows - Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

A pleasant evening at the Meadows, sunny skies and summer temperatures.  We had some nice birds and the highlight for most of the participants were great looks at a perched Bobolink.  Many had heard leaders call them out while they flew overhead and were pleased to see one sitting still.  Leaders: Warren Cairo, Patty Rourke and Bill Smythe.
31 species

Canada Goose  22
Mute Swan  8
Mallard  10
Blue-winged Teal  6
Green-winged Teal  5
Pied-billed Grebe  1
Double-crested Cormorant  2
Great Blue Heron  1
Great Egret  5
Snowy Egret  8
Glossy Ibis  12
Semipalmated Plover  3
Greater Yellowlegs  2
Lesser Yellowlegs  4
Sanderling  8
Least Sandpiper  22
Semipalmated Sandpiper  4
Laughing Gull  16
Ring-billed Gull  8
Herring Gull  10
Lesser Black-backed Gull  3
Great Black-backed Gull  40
Royal Tern  5     Among the Skimmers
Black Skimmer  120     Distant looks at Second Ave Jetty
Mourning Dove  5
Merlin  1
Fish Crow  6
Tree Swallow  6
European Starling  12
Bobolink  1     Nice looks at a perched bird
Red-winged Blackbird  10

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