Photo Walks with Mike Hannisian - Saturday, July 27th, 2013

The last Saturday Photo Walk for the month of July (they continue through October) was greeted with mild weather and a high overcast. Some think that wildlife photography needs bright sun, but a high overcast is even better as it filters the light. Regardless, this time of year is invariably interesting as we have birds reestablishing breeding territories, such as our singing Gray Catbird and Song Sparrow; migrants from a short distance away, Yellow Warbler, and a long distance away; Least Sandpiper; wanders, such as Snowy Egret; young birds, such as Red-winged Blackbirds; dragonflies, such as Carolina Saddlebags; and newly emerged flowers, such as Swamp Rose-Mallow. All in all, it was another productive walk.

Carolina Saddlebags [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Gray Catbird [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Least Sandpiper [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Red-winged Blackbird [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Snowy Egret [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Song Sparrow [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Swamp Rose Mallow [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Yellow Warbler [Photo by Mike Hannisian]