Belleplain Wildlife - Sunday, July 28th, 2012

Moth highlights this week include Imperial, Rosy-Maple, and Red-headed Inchworm. Butterflies have increased with many Eastern Tiger and Spicebush Swallowtails along with single Red-banded Hairstreak, Eastern-tailed Blue, and Least Skipper. As has been true this summer, dragonflies were plentiful: Swamp Darner, Blue Dasher, Violet Dancer, Needham's Skimmer, and Eastern Pondhawk. As we hiked a portion of the East Creek Pond Trail, we sampled the differences between Highbush and Lowbush Blueberry and Huckleberries, and encountered an unusual flying insect that we identified once it landed as an Eyed Click Beetle. We found a pocket of bird activity including where we spotted Eastern Towhee, Eastern Wood-Peewee, and a Wood Thrush among others. At the pond edge, Swamp Loosestrife was coming into bloom. Leaders: Chris Marks, Catherine Busch, and Dave Lord.

Imperial Moth [Photo by Catherine Busch]

Cattail Caterpillar [Photo by Catherine Busch]

Eyed Click Beetle [Photo by Catherine Busch]