Birding Cape May Point - Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Good looks at terns on the beach in large numbers. They included adults in basic and alternate plumage as well as juveniles of most species. The terns were predominantly Forster's and Common, with a sprinkling of Least and 4 Royal. An interesting duck on Bunker Pond was a Ruddy Duck male in breeding plumage (except it had a black bill). We had numerous Orchard Orioles in the woods as well as Cedar Waxwings building nests in two areas, and an adult and juvenile Pine Warbler. An early Palm Warbler migrant was a surprise. Leaders: Karl Lukens, Kathy & Roger Horn.
53 species

Canada Goose  60
Mute Swan  15
Wood Duck  3
Gadwall  2
Mallard  20
Ruddy Duck  1     ad male
Great Blue Heron  1
Great Egret  6
Little Blue Heron  1
Osprey  2
Killdeer  1
American Oystercatcher  6
Spotted Sandpiper  1
Lesser Yellowlegs  2
Least Sandpiper  8
Short-billed Dowitcher  1
Ring-billed Gull  1
Herring Gull  1
Great Black-backed Gull  50
Least Tern  10     several juv.
Common Tern  25
Forster's Tern  50
Royal Tern  4
Black Skimmer  8
Mourning Dove  10
Chimney Swift  6
Ruby-throated Hummingbird  3
Northern Flicker  1
Eastern Kingbird  1
Purple Martin  100
Tree Swallow  15
Bank Swallow  6
Barn Swallow  10
Carolina Chickadee  1
Tufted Titmouse  1
Carolina Wren  2
American Robin  8
Northern Mockingbird  4
European Starling  15
Cedar Waxwing  6
Common Yellowthroat  6
Palm Warbler  1
Pine Warbler  2
Song Sparrow  6
Northern Cardinal  5
Indigo Bunting  1
Red-winged Blackbird  10
Common Grackle  2
Brown-headed Cowbird  5
Orchard Oriole  8
House Finch  5
American Goldfinch  3
House Sparrow  2

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Cedar Waxwing [Photo by Karl Lukens]

Female Orchard Oriole [Photo by Karl Lukens]

Ruddy Duck [Photo by Karl Lukens]

Song Sparrow [Photo by Karl Lukens]

Gray Treefrog [Photo by Karl Lukens]