Belleplain Wildlife - Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Once again, we had a number of moths at the start of the walk: Imperial, Pink-striped Oak Worm, Rosy Maple Moth, Red-headed Inchworm, One-spotted Variant, and Delicate Cycnia. Juvenile treefrogs were still in the area. We reviewed the differences between the four types of black swallowtail butterflies found in the county, the most common being Spicebush and Black. We then headed to a small bog where we observed habitat specific plants and wildlife. Dragonflies and damselflies seen today include: Swamp Darner, Yellow-legged Meadowhawk, Carolina Saddlebags, Citrine Forktail, Ebony Jewelwing, Violet Dancer, Eastern Amberwing, Fragile Forktail, and Slaty, Painted, and Elfin Skimmers. Plants in bloom included: Sweet Pepperbush, Anise-scented Goldenrod, Virginia Meadowbeauty, Nuttall's Lobelia, Steeplebush, Striped Bladderwort, Orange Milkwort, and Yellow-eyed Grass.

Juvenile treefrog [Photo by Catherine Busch]

Leopard Frog [Photo by Catherine Busch]

Striped Bladderwort [Photo by Catherine Busch]