A Meadows Afternoon - Friday, April 27th, 2012

Friday Afternoon at the Meadows Walk was very windy which seemed to keep many birds hidden. We enjoyed watching Ospreys hunting for fish, Barn, Tree, and Northern Rough-winged Swallows wheeling and dipping over the ponds, both Turkey and Black Vultures close enough for good comparisons, two Piping Plover on the beach, and Wilson's Snipe on the way back to the parking lot. Leaders:  Chuck & Mary Jane Slugg and Catherine Busch.
40 species

Canada Goose  16
Mute Swan  12
Mallard  18
Northern Gannet  3
Great Egret  5
Snowy Egret  1
Black Vulture  12
Turkey Vulture  8
Osprey  3
American Coot  7
Piping Plover  2
Killdeer  5
Spotted Sandpiper  1
Greater Yellowlegs  3
Wilson's Snipe  3
Bonaparte's Gull  1
Laughing Gull  50
Herring Gull  10
Great Black-backed Gull  10
Forster's Tern  40
Black Skimmer  10     On center pond by platform with Laughing Gulls and
Forster's Terns.
Rock Pigeon  3
Mourning Dove  3
Chimney Swift  2
Fish Crow  10
Northern Rough-winged Swallow  11
Purple Martin  7
Tree Swallow  15
Barn Swallow  20
American Robin  3
Northern Mockingbird  3
European Starling  6
Common Yellowthroat  1     heard only
Song Sparrow  3     heard only
Northern Cardinal  1
Red-winged Blackbird  20
Common Grackle  10
Boat-tailed Grackle  1
Brown-headed Cowbird  6
House Sparrow  1

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