Birds, Beasts and Botany - Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Bright sunny weather meant that there was plenty to look at on this week’s walk at Cox Hall Creek WMA and, as far as botany was concerned, we certainly did more than look! This week’s plant focus was on pines and most of the group were surprised to discover that you can actually tell some of the species apart by the way they taste! In and around the ponds, Lance-leaved Violets and the season’s first bladderworts were in flower, while Blue Corporal dragonflies and American Lady butterflies were insect highlights. Two Red-headed Woodpeckers, singing Chipping Sparrows and a Pine Warbler were all nice birds to see and we even found a Raccoon snoozing in an oak tree.  Leaders: Mike Crewe, Chris Marks, Warren Cairo, Steve Weis, and Cindy Bamford.