Belleplain Wildlife - Sunday, April 21st, 2013

This week's foray took us to the Hunter's Mill Road area where Cape May, Cumberland, and Atlantic Counties meet. Botanical highlights included Tiny Bluets and Spicebush in flower, and the first bloom of Golden Club (an aquatic plant). We also examined the differences in two Club Mosses (see below), plants which are found in large clumps due to their spreading underground by rhizomes. Two early dragonflies were found - Springtime Darner and Uhler's Sundragon, and despite the cold temperature, a few butterflies were seen - Blueberry Azure and Henry's Elfin. The group got good looks at Black-and-white, Pine, and Yellow-throated Warblers, and Chipping Sparrow as well. Leaders: Mike Crewe, Catherine Busch, Chris Marks, Lisa Ryan, and Warren Cairo.

Mike Crewe demonstrates the difference between Obscure Club Moss (left) and Fan Club Moss [Photo by Catherine Busch]