Birding the Meadows - Monday, July 1st, 2013

Rain was threatening and thunder rumbled once, but nothing developed during the walk. Several flocks of Double-crested Cormorants flew over as well as several flocks of Glossy Ibis. The Killdeer was on nest in the parking lot. We did see 1 Piping Plover at the Plover Pond, and on the beach we had 22 Black Skimmers, and 7 American Oystercatchers with 1 chick. A fly-by Lesser Yellowlegs was probably a Fall migrant. Two Orchard Orioles were seen and scoped, one an adult male, and one a 1st summer male. Leaders: Karl Lukens, Chuck Slugg, Catherine Busch, and Janet Crawford.
46 species

Canada Goose  100
Mute Swan  8
Gadwall  6
Mallard  10
Double-crested Cormorant  20
Great Egret  3
Green Heron  2
Glossy Ibis  11
Turkey Vulture  3
Osprey  4
Piping Plover  1
Killdeer  3
American Oystercatcher  7
Lesser Yellowlegs  1
Laughing Gull  25
Herring Gull  6
Great Black-backed Gull  15
Least Tern  10
Forster's Tern  20
Black Skimmer  22
Mourning Dove  10
Chimney Swift  3
Northern Flicker  1
Eastern Kingbird  4     one on nest
American Crow  1
Fish Crow  2
Northern Rough-winged Swallow  1
Purple Martin  10
Tree Swallow  4
Barn Swallow  1
Carolina Wren  2
American Robin  1
Gray Catbird  2
Northern Mockingbird  1
European Starling  5
Cedar Waxwing  4
Common Yellowthroat  6
Song Sparrow  4
Northern Cardinal  2
Blue Grosbeak  1
Red-winged Blackbird  15
Common Grackle  5
Brown-headed Cowbird  10
Orchard Oriole  2
American Goldfinch  1
House Sparrow  5

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1st-year male Orchard Oriole [Photo by Karl Lukens]

Piping Plover [Photo by Karl Lukens]