Belleplain Wildlife - Sunday, July 7th, 2013

We started with an array of moths at park headquarters:  Huckleberry Sphinx, Southern Flannel, Painted Lichen Moth, and Banded Tussock. We then went to Tarkiln Pond and Head of River in search of dragonflies and damselflies. At Tarkiln, we had Eastern Pondhawk, Slaty Skimmer, Four-spotted Pennant, Blue Dasher, Rambur's Forktail, Dragonhunter, and Violet Dancer. At Head of River, we added Common Sanddragon, Sparkling Jewelwing, and Attentuated Bluet. Leaders: Mike Crewe, Chris Marks, Catherine Busch, Bert Hixon, Megan Crewe, and Mike Hannisian.

Huckleberry Sphinx [Photo by Catherine Busch]

Painted Lichen Moth [Photo by Catherine Busch]