Photo Walks with Mike Hannisian - Saturday, July 20th, 2013

We're a month into Summer and things, they are a changin'. Dragonflies are in, and in good numbers. In addition to our other late July regulars, both male and female Blue Dashers and Four-spotted Pennants are plentiful. Our breeding Forster's Terns are again lining up along the railing on on the south side of Bunker Pond, and Eastern Kingbirds can be heard and seen around almost every bend. With the change in the weather, next weekend suggests a promise of things to come. Leaders: Mike Hannisian and Nancy Watson.

Blue Dasher female [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Blue Dasher male [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Eastern Kingbird [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Forster's Tern [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Four-spotted Pennant male [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Four-spotted Pennant female [Photo by Mike Hannisian]