Photo Walks with Mike Hannisian - Saturday, September 6th, 2014

The people who attend the CMBO Saturday Photo Walks I lead are a diverse group. They typically  include experienced photographers new to the wildlife/nature scene, point-and-shoot photographers who want to learn what else they can do with their cameras, newbies who sometimes do not even know how to turn on their cameras, etc. I enjoy working with all of these people as I can usually see an improvement during the brief two hours we are afield each week. However, rarely am I blessed with an entire group of reasonably knowledgeable photographers who just thirst for the knowledge and associated techniques that will almost certainly form the basis of the long-term improvement they so clearly desire. This week's group was just such an assemblage, and Cape May Point State Park came through with a very nice variety of moving and perched subjects. These included American Copper, Caspian and Common Terns, Great Egret, Halloween Pennant, Little Blue Heron, and Northern Shoveler. Can't wait 'til next Saturday!

American Copper [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Caspian Tern [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Common Tern [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Great Egret [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Halloween Pennant [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Immature Little Blue Heron [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Northern Shoveler [Photo by Mike Hannisian]