Birding the Meadows with Pete Dunne - Monday, September 15th, 2014

A few different duck showed up including Blue and Green-winged Teal, Northern Shovelers, and a single adult Black Scoter. Waders were the usual Great and Snowy Egrets, Great Blue Heron, and a low flying American Bittern seen by a few. A Sora showed briefly for all to see. On the beach we found at least four Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Shorebirds included Semi-palmated, Least, Western, and six Stilt Sandpipers. A few warblers were seen, including many Common Yellowthroats, several Northern Waterthrushes, several Palm Warblers, a couple of Northern Parulas, and at least six Yellow Warblers. Leaders: Pete Dunne, Karl Lukens, Chuck Slugg, Catherine Busch, Janet Crawford, Mike Hannisian, and Carrie Bell.
64 species

Canada Goose  15
Mute Swan  8
Gadwall  2
Mallard  50
Blue-winged Teal  8
Northern Shoveler  15
Green-winged Teal  2
Black Scoter  1
Double-crested Cormorant  7
American Bittern  1     Flew and landed. seen by a few
Great Blue Heron  2
Great Egret  2
Snowy Egret  6
Turkey Vulture  1
Osprey  5
Sora  1
American Oystercatcher  1
Semipalmated Plover  3
Greater Yellowlegs  1
Lesser Yellowlegs  12
Stilt Sandpiper  6
Sanderling  10
Least Sandpiper  15
Pectoral Sandpiper  2
Semipalmated Sandpiper  25
Western Sandpiper  1     seen by a few
Laughing Gull  150
Ring-billed Gull  8
Herring Gull  10
Lesser Black-backed Gull  4
Great Black-backed Gull  20
Common Tern  1
Forster's Tern  1
Royal Tern  10
Black Skimmer  6
Mourning Dove  10
Ruby-throated Hummingbird  1     seen by a few
Belted Kingfisher  1
Northern Flicker  3
Merlin  2
Blue Jay  1
American Crow  2
Fish Crow  1
Barn Swallow  3
House Wren  1
Carolina Wren  2
American Robin  3
Gray Catbird  1
Northern Mockingbird  1
European Starling  25
Northern Waterthrush  4
Common Yellowthroat  15
Northern Parula  2
Yellow Warbler  6
Palm Warbler  4
Savannah Sparrow  1
Northern Cardinal  2
Indigo Bunting  1
Bobolink  10
Red-winged Blackbird  15
Common Grackle  2
Baltimore Oriole  3
House Finch  2
American Goldfinch  2
House Sparrow  10

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Lesser Black-backed Gull [Photo by Karl Lukens]

Sora [Photo by Karl Lukens]