Photo Walks with Mike Hannisian - Saturday, August 30th, 2014

The last Saturday Photo Walk of August was greeted with a fair amount of sun and some nice high, thin clouds. The latter are always appreciated as they provide a flattering, soft light. But photography without subjects can be disappointing, but that was not the case this week! We had a nice variety including butterflies (Black Swallowtail and Zabulon Skipper), dragonflies (Blue Dasher, Common Whitetail, and Great Blue Skimmer), damselflies (Familiar Bluet and Rambur's Forktail), other insects (Wheelbug), plants (Cattail), and Birds (Great Egret, Snowy Egret, and Willet). But the highlight was a adult and mostly grown young Wild Turkey that walked within 5 feet of us, feeding the whole while! Given the time of year, next week may be even better. Leaders: Mike Hannisian and Nancy Watson.

Black Swallowtail [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Common Whitetail [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Great Blue Skimmer [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Rambur's Forktail [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Wheelbug [Photo by Nancy Watson]

Willet [Photo by Mike Hannisian]

Wild Turkey [Photo by Mike Hannisian]