Cox Hall Creek WMA Bird Walk - Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The bird was saying something about beer...was it "quick, get me a beer" without the "chick" or was it "quick, three beers?" We couldn't be sure if we were listening to the song of an Olive-sided Flycatcher or a partial song of a White-eyed Vireo. We'll never know for sure because we never found the bird before it stopped calling but it reminded us how valuable it is to listen so as not to miss those rarities, and how difficult it can be to identify birds that are not doing their most typical call. CHCWMA is a great place for migrating Olive-sided Flycatchers because they love to sit on snags at the top of dead trees and CHC has lots of snags. Birds we DID see sitting on snags included Scarlet Tanager, Cedar Waxwings, Eastern Bluebirds, woodpeckers, and an Osprey eating his fishy breakfast. Probably one day this fall, we'll have an Olive-sided up there, too.  Leaders: Kathy & Roger Horn, Janet Crawford, Shaun & Cindy Bamford, and Steve Weis.
53 species WITHOUT an olive-sided flycatcher

Mallard  12
Double-crested Cormorant  7
Great Blue Heron  1
Great Egret  1
Osprey  3
Laughing Gull  8
Herring Gull (American)  3
Mourning Dove  11
Yellow-billed Cuckoo  1
Ruby-throated Hummingbird  7
Red-bellied Woodpecker  5
Downy Woodpecker  3
Hairy Woodpecker  1
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)  3
Eastern Wood-Pewee  2
Great Crested Flycatcher  2
Eastern Kingbird  11
White-eyed Vireo  3
Red-eyed Vireo  4
Blue Jay  3
American Crow  5
Purple Martin  7
Tree Swallow  5
Barn Swallow  2
Carolina Chickadee  5
Tufted Titmouse  9
White-breasted Nuthatch  1
Carolina Wren  8
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  4
Eastern Bluebird  6
American Robin  15
Gray Catbird  7
Northern Mockingbird  1
European Starling  2
Cedar Waxwing  32
Black-and-white Warbler  1
Common Yellowthroat  1
American Redstart  4
Yellow Warbler  2
Chipping Sparrow  15
Field Sparrow  1
Song Sparrow  1
Scarlet Tanager  1
Northern Cardinal  10
Blue Grosbeak  4
Indigo Bunting  2
Red-winged Blackbird  12
Common Grackle  3
Brown-headed Cowbird  5
Orchard Oriole  1
House Finch  9
American Goldfinch  6
House Sparrow  2

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