Hawks, Trails, and Beach - Saturday, October 4th, 2014

The weather was perfect for a bird walk with cool temperatures, light breeze, and a mixture of light clouds and sun. There were many raptors overhead including both Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks, Merlins, American Kestrels, and Osprey--some with fish. Two Belted Kingfishers flew over us toward Bunker Pond. The Common Gallinule was again in the pond in the back of the State Park. There was a mixture of ducks including Mallards, Northern Pintails, American Wigeon, Black Ducks, and Blue-winged Teal. On the beach, there was a mixture of terns including Royal, Caspian, Common, and Forster's. Leaders: Chuck & Mary Jane Slugg, Cindy Bamford, and Deb Payson.
45 species

Canada Goose  65
Mute Swan  21
Gadwall  2
American Wigeon  4
American Black Duck  1
Mallard  22
Blue-winged Teal  9
Northern Pintail  3
Double-crested Cormorant  1
Great Blue Heron  2
Great Egret  2
Little Blue Heron  2
Turkey Vulture  2
Osprey  6
Sharp-shinned Hawk  10
Cooper's Hawk  8
Common Gallinule  1
Pectoral Sandpiper  1
Laughing Gull  25
Ring-billed Gull  3
Herring Gull  5
Great Black-backed Gull  38
Caspian Tern  2
Common Tern  1
Forster's Tern  14
Royal Tern  3
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)  4
Mourning Dove  8
Belted Kingfisher  3
Northern Flicker  7
American Kestrel  6
Merlin  4
Peregrine Falcon  4
Blue Jay  3     heard
American Crow  2     heard
Tree Swallow  20
Carolina Wren  2     heard
Gray Catbird  1     heard
Northern Mockingbird  5
European Starling  3
Yellow-rumped Warbler  1
Northern Cardinal  1     heard
Red-winged Blackbird  7
American Goldfinch  1     heard
House Sparrow  5

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