Woodcock Dance - Saturday, March 6 2010

DAve Lord et. al. report:
"Tonight's Woodcock Dance brought 17 people out to experince that wonderful herald of spring: displaying American Woodcocks. After an informative lecture and powerpoint put on by Karen Johnson and Janet Crawford, the group headed to Kimble's Beach Road where the woodcocks gave us a great show despite the winds. 7 Woodcocks were heard peenting, and three gave us very intimate views as they flew around. Karen Johnson, Janet Crawford, Chuck + Mary Jane Slugg, and Dave Lord led."

Location: Kimble's Beach
Observation date: 3/6/10
Number of species: 7
American Black Duck 3
American Woodcock 7
Mourning Dove 4
Great Horned Owl 2
American Robin 175
Eastern Towhee 1
Northern Cardinal 2