Nightfall at Jakes Landing - Sunday, March 6th, 2016

The mild weather made for perfect conditions for bird viewing.  Eagles and Harriers were everywhere providing everyone with great looks.  Two Short-eared Owls excited everyone as they hunted close to the creek.  We ended the evening with Woodcocks displaying. Leaders: Chris Marks, Bert Hixon, BJ Pinnock, & Mary Watkins.
22 species

Snow Goose  850
Canada Goose  18
Gadwall  8
American Black Duck  28
Northern Shoveler  4
Northern Pintail  8
Green-winged Teal  35
Bufflehead  4
Hooded Merganser  2
Great Blue Heron  2
Northern Harrier  6     Hunting over marshes
Bald Eagle  7     4 adults including one on nest 3 immature
Red-tailed Hawk  3
Dunlin  450
American Woodcock  3
Ring-billed Gull  14
Herring Gull (American)  26
Short-eared Owl  2
Peregrine Falcon  1
White-throated Sparrow  8
Song Sparrow  2
Red-winged Blackbird  18

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